Download free gameplay recorder for notebook Asus



Hello dear visitor. If you have an Asus notebook and you want to record your gameplay from video games, then we can recommend the best gameplay recorder and is compatible with Asus laptops as well. You can download this software to record gameplay from here and also a guide is available.

Why to choose a Free Gameplay live recorder for Asus :

1. Because of money.

2. Because what you can do with a premium software, you can also do with this free gameplay recorder.

How to see fps, gpu temp, gpu clock, gpu utilization and more in left pr right screen


First, open gameplay recorder and select Monitoring, then select what you need to be displayed from bellow list and then select Show in On-Screen, then ok.

asus gameplay recorder

Now, let`s see how`s looks like

You see ? Also you can add more on screen, or you can remove some.

Download free gameplay recorder for notebook Asus

Asus Notebook software

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