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Hello dear gamer.

If you are a gamer, then you need an app to record your gameplay trophy`s or 1st place on games, or maybe some tips and tricks ? or maybe just for fun ?

Doesn`t matter your real reason, but if you want this app to be totaly free, then you are in best place for that because i will show you how to use it and from where to download it. If you want to see how to use it, then look bellow to our instructions, and follow steps, and if you need to download it , do it from here .


Step one : for free alternative for video gameplay recording

Download, install it and start it, then go to settings from bottom right corner

Now click on arrow from top menu to the right, and select Video Capture

Now, first thing to configure is record button right ? just click on video capture (see image) and now press desired key to start and stop video recording.

Now you need to select destination for recorded gameplay from browse

And finaly click ok, and start game that you want to record and press the record key !

Simple ? Quality recorder ? Best Free in-game recorder ?

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