ADATA S511 series SSD 60GB New Review september 2011

ADATA S511 series SSD 60GB reviews


Interface: SATA 6Gb/s

Max Sequential Read/Write (ATTO Disk Benchmark): 550 MB/s sequential read — 500 MB/s sequential write

Max Random 4k Write (using IOMeter 08): 80k IOPS (4k aligned)

Technology: Asynchronous NAND

SSD Unformatted Capacity: 60 GB 

AS SSD Benchmark

Acces time 0.248 ms read and 0.350 ms write this is fast ! and transfers at 455 mb/s read and 87 write .!

Atto Disk Benchmark - ATTO Read performance

Contest : Adata s511 vs corsair force GT vs OCZ Agility vs Corsair F100 vs Wd15000HLFS VelociRaptor

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