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Download Latest Version of Nokia PC Sync (syncronize), With this software you can upload and download to your phone almost everything, also you can use you phone like a modem (not all phones works proper) you can write sms from your keyboard from PC or Laptop/Notebook/Tablet/MAC or to save your contact list to PC for backup for any case, you can modify your photos or videos , upload to your phone ..well if you want this Free software you can download it from here or here is 100% FREE.

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Users Opinion for Nokia C3

Recently I purchased this phone and very happy with it. First Battery keeps me around 5-6 days. The most important is not to rubbish the laum after Cosmote and other stores that say "do not format the battery". WRONG! 3 cycles of complete discharge followed by 3 cycles of charge every 12 h. And you'll see the difference. I do not know where you got (some) phone, because I got it from Nokia representative, but is made in Germany. I am very pleased with the phone. It is logical and normal for a phone of this class will not raise the standards of E-series! Let's face it. Who would buy their E-Series E-Series, who would it take for k c3 and has no money for E-series to stop crying. The phone is fairly stable. In Chapter Wireless is good, not great. The signal is very good as long as (farmers) do not get your hands on the back cover (where the antenna). Some should read the manual before you complain that your phone has no signal. You rock the battery, exceeds E-series (and I had the E50 to E90). Even I did not expect to keep me so much. I took Deaia and because I saw that battery is 1300 (approx.) mAh. It's very true what Victor said: nokia phone gotta do time in Finland (the mother) or in Germany. I have a Nokia 6233 made in Germany (since it did four years) - the phone battery is impeccable and you as the first day (probably because they care and respect for the cycles of loading: D). In conclusion I recommend those who need a cheap and good with wireless phone, QWERTY keyboard and good battery.

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