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Users Opinions for Nokia C3

The phone is very suitable if you need besides a good phone and mail, messenger, facebook, SMS. NOT a competitor of buisness phone as E63 or E5, so the price is halved.

I am very happy, can I check my mail anytime, anywhere and read any news. It is very convenient to send SMS and messenger though I was a fan, this phone showed me a new utility service offered by Yahoo! :)

Wi-Fi connection, although no rapid 2-fold failed (initially I thought it was my router at fault, but it seems that others have had this problem), but the GPRS phone is impeccable

I think its worth the money, especially if you have a subscription with net included.

I made the mistake and I bought a Nokia dealer in Cluj and I paid the extra 70 lei.

Pros: + large display, good for reading emails or articles.

+ + Mini opera browser is very stable. In fact often prefer to use gmail webmail browser and not through the mail clinetul phone.

+ Design, quality finishes and materials appear. (I know it's subjective, but I like how it looks)

+ + Dedicated application for Facebook, although often prefer using Opera Mini browsaerului.

+ + + Application from Messenger is the largest gain, you can let her run in the background warns you when you receive messages with an Internet subscription is not to be offline necasar ever.

+ + Qwerty keyboard is very good, very quickly I got used to it.

+ + + Long battery life, I read some opinions that the battery would not last long on me keeps me 3-4 days, continuously online on messenger and using it very much for your mail.

+ + + Phone itself is very good, clear sound and strong, strong signal.

+ Price

Cons: - The operating system is rigid and obsolete. From here draw many shortcomings. Shortcuts on your screen are preset by Nokia and you can choose which you want to appear in a limited number. If you install an application you can not do them on the Home screen shortcut

- The camera makes good pictures even in daylight in low light is poor

--- I do not understand how they pick the phone connection between GPRS and Wi-Fi, if I set myself to choose their Wi-fi sometimes enter the GPRS network although there is a Wi-Fi. Can be solved manually before connecting you to access an application online, but is quite annoying.

- As someone said, sometimes blocking Wi-Fi connection. There happened to me than about 2 times, but it is annoying. Resolves the connection off and on, but after you posted a mail drop to 1000 characters and you think you connect them frustrated.

- Lack of applications for reading. Pdf,. Doc (x). Xls (x). This can improve if you use Google Docs online, but some can not be processed ducumente all.

- E-mail application does not give you emails instantly, I mean, you have to Verf mail, do not appear on the screen when you have received.

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