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Samsung C3222 DualSIM VS LG GX200

I did a little test the other day with Huawei G5500, LG and Samsung C3222 GX200. I am interested in a dual-sim listening to music through headphones can BH-505 stereo Bluetooth capabilities (now 'for the heat coming out bicla in advancing and there is a need - you can head back quietly with nothing to jump ears:)). all mono Bluetooth headset we tested (a plantronic) and works very well. the coolest phone I found that Huawei's simple and good and very well finished. Besides it seems LG's boorish. instead of BH-505 is a disaster. sounds like a bowl (and poor quality ALA). LG's is better in quality Bluetooth music but still sounds like the bowl (one more pretty good). Instead if you get a call while listening to music, when you finish the call and returns to block music at low volume. must permanently disconnect Bluetooth and so on. c3222 not particularly like me especially because of cramped key but how many do not really interest me very appearance had won the case. music sounds 10 times better than the Huawei and LG. Although it is heard as well as the Motorola RAZR V8. is different. So winning C3222. I find it unnecessary to give more money on a phone

Pro: wife likes:)

Touch pad is brilliant (for that I got)

many functions (except email are not using anything anyway)

finally a dual sim phone that sends music well to BH-505. (Well, not very well)

looks good in my hand, looks pretty good I must admit

widescreen display

Cons: Samsung - for when they made that button to change SIM cards hate

low key - I hope to get used to them (in 1997 when I phone I did not write more than 50 messages:))

about tangled menu (lucky he did not walk all day)

Other Users

I use already for 2 weeks and I like. Camera is poor but I still camera that takes pictures clearer than any phone and not use it too, hard going because the Internet is not 3G, that I miss about the phone seems especially geared for youth (with qwerty keyboard, facebook Twitter tones), videos on youtube do not work but that does not hear well deranjeaza.Se me, is the first phone I like their ringtones, I quickly got used to the keys, I liked that I can use normal headphones and especially the battery which you six days, gave up two phones just because I upload too des.Mi had happened once to the left of the blue and once it restarted. Overall very satisfied for the money I gave him. Who wants to switch to BlackBerry technology or otherwise, who wants to talk modest phone and SMS it is a decent phone.

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