Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 Phone Manager Download Free

Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 PC Sync Manager 2011 Download

Samsung PC Manager for Windows 7 , Windows Vista, Windows XP 32 and 64 bits


Download Latest Version of Samsung PC Sync (syncronize), With this software you can upload and download to your phone almost everything, also you can use you phone like a modem (not all phones works proper) you can write sms from your keyboard from PC or Laptop/Notebook/Tablet/MAC or to save your contact list to PC for backup for any case, you can modify your photos or videos , upload to your phone ..well if you want this Free software you can download it from here or here is 100% FREE.

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Users Opinion for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

I am very pleased with him. I've spent some documents about the money I could get in them and can say it is very decent. at least for what I need perfectly. I thought not worth the 3ori give more money and II only galaxy is 2 times better, honestly seemed a little uncomfortable, though excited me more screen! If you consider that possibility and will use all its resources and II, when taking IBS, if I get angry just for birds and facebook when I say it's a throw of money ... and the best choice would be a performance range of a phone s5660, Galaxy and Galaxy Galaxy needles or Pro, or HTC series until 1000 lei ...

give this phone 4 stars only because the battery. but what is the total thickness and weight, even I can not afford to have this claim. small battery conservation tips: - a widget of brightness, so when you're home, at work, the subway was set to 0-20% screen and when the sun give you easy access to go to 100% (shame that is sensor automatically do so).

- When not using the Internet, turning it off and switch to 2G (or install a widget or application for something quick like settings)

- Install an app to clean RAM (something like task killer)

Pros: fast





high-speed browser (I have vodafone prepaid)

wifi speed about 5mb / s (depending on network and coverage - result

small, easily dropped


very good screen (not yet I got used to write messages, coming from qwerty)

decent room (if you get more megapixels, HTC Needle

best phone think you make and test its Android applications

Cons: small internal memory but rather install and you escape worry app2sd

battery you least 1 day keeps the net on the mess and something HSPA browsing, facebook, Foursquare, updates, music, 2 days on GSM net doing the same things; 3-5 days calls, music

The speaker is pretty small so the ringing is a little slower than say a Nokia c1 ...

sounds a little slow and headphones can hear music but very decent (package does not include headphones), but if you buy something from Sennheiser sound is really good. is not as good and strong as that of an iPod nano but is decent!

Brightness has no sensor to automatically adjust the screen

Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 Download Free Apps for Windows 7

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