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Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 vs Iphone 4

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Samsung has a "SAR" (level of radiation) very low: less than 0.4. Much better than the iphone 4.

You can synchronize and phone numbers associated with accounts on the agenda of those who have facebook numbers.

If you lose your phone you can call on the INTERNET! Simply enter the site and you can call Samsung.

Maps are excellent.

You can lock the phone remotely or you can delete data from it, if you lose it or it is stolen, as I wrote, any other SIM cards will be put in it, foreign phone software will send the telephone number for SIM to some numbers that you have entered above.

Desktop can manage, change, introduce a lot of pages, each page with its own wallpaper and icons, chosen by you.

The software can scan a bar code on products for that, then, to get product information on the net (price, etc).

And much, much more ...

Second Opinion

Dual core processor deserves all the praise, plus Super AMOLED screen is incredible and the battery successfully cope with intensive application.

I have no objection than about the battery cover, which is something I've never seen .. I do not think one will see: a thin flexible cover which should be removed too often, so as not to break legs you come to the phone.

I highly recommend this phone!

Pro: the thinnest smartphone;

fastest smartphone;

Best screen 4.3 "

good battery.

Cons: the cap that covers the battery under any criticism!

relatively high price.

Third Opinion

Galaxy S II is by far the best Android phone today. For me is the best smart-phone, regardless of operating system, but do not want to get into debates with the iPhone or BB fans.

4.3 inch screen is great for web, movies and pictures, and virtual keyboard is much easier to use than the 4.0 inch screens. But this dimension makes the phone a little difficult to use with one hand (with fingers hard enough in all coltzurile) Oddly, the screen seems weaker than the Galaxy S contrast is too big and has too much black , which makes images appear slightly dark.

Dual-core processor makes the phone absolutely superb move. No lag, and close all open applications immediately, everything works as it should. And operating system (2.3.3) seems very well done: very stable, no bugs or problems.

The camera takes pictures absolutely beautiful, as well as shooting. Unlike S Galaxy, now there's an LED flashlight, but can not practically be used only as a flashlight (a very useful function, by the way).

The phone has some problems with GPS: when trying to find position, turn off Internet link for a few seconds. This is noticeable when there is continuous open programs using the Internet (eg Messenger). Otherwise, the GPS position fix very quickly and works very well.

The only problem really disturbing is that the microSD memory can not be removed until after the phone off and remove the battery. But the phone has a large enough internal memory, which compensates somewhat.

The battery lasts for about 10 hours of intensive use, that is a little more than the Galaxy S (~ 8:00). Perhaps users more "quiet" day and something will get sunlight-readable with a single charge.

In conclusion, I think Galaxy S II is currently the best choice for those who want a top phone.

Pros: Very fast

Screen superb


Acceptable battery life (a little larger than the Galaxy S)

Camera / video exceptional

Cons: The screen weaker than the Galaxy S (!)

GPS has some problems

A little big

Housing slippery (easily dropped)

MicroSD card can not be changed by phone on (battery must be removed)


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