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Samsung PC Manager for MAC


Download Latest Version of Samsung PC Sync (syncronize), With this software you can upload and download to your phone almost everything, also you can use you phone like a modem (not all phones works proper) you can write sms from your keyboard from PC or Laptop/Notebook/Tablet/MAC or to save your contact list to PC for backup for any case, you can modify your photos or videos , upload to your phone ..well if you want this Free software you can download it from here or here is 100% FREE.

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Users Opinion for Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2

I choose between this phone and iPhone in April, the price difference was not large (50 euros). If immediately after I bought it I had "nostalgia" an iPhone, after two days of use do not have any "remorse" - I made the right choice. I confess that the iPhone was more my taste in exterior design to finishing, the type of material used ("shell"), but a good portion of us do not buy a car for only a beautiful body, we want a powerful engine, safety and comfort, I stop here with analogies.

Samsung GSII look simply like a phone in your hand - "occupation" of the base is something ... side, once you have started it "put in mind" simply "romp" is moving incredibly quickly, "the touch" is very sensitive - almost like not touching the phone screen and reacts well, closes and opens very quickly, blocking the screen is done with physical button on the right.

Phone (through which there is pre-installed and through which you download from the Android Market and Samsung APS) you can read SMS, can be a translator, maybe as soon as it discloses a hot insert another SIM in it and start the phone, shooting HD has Flash support (very important if you visit certain web pages that contain video information, broadcast live webcams, etc).

At the same time has multistasking and allows the addition of "widgets" on the screen (desktop).

In a telephone conversation "sound" is more than good. I do not know if there is something particular or not, but when you call, if you're busy and can not answer you the option to "respond" instantly with a preset text message ("at the wheel", etc.).

The battery is pretty good, almost non-stop button, with or without internet, movies, pictures, phone conversation without you "lead" in 12 hours.

Back cover of the phone when it seems fragile and when you put undo back, need some attention to fixing.

I I understand why people at Samsung have opted for this design than plastic (they wanted to be able to say - "is the lightest smartphone").

Filming and taking pictures more than satisfactory, especially in natural light, the stage lights in a shooting club is not exceptional but good.

I stop here, although I do not want to bore and said more needs to be discovered. Forecasts, with much conviction, that will be the phone of 2011, whether or not 2011 will be released iPhone 5.

What can I say ... Samsung GSII is a small laptop (often more practical and efficient). Dixit.

Pros: - The speed with which "work";

- Flexibility (file manager, desktop customization, "fluency" menu, etc.);

- Screen - simply great visual + size;

- Flash to shoot high-dusk;

- Security (if you lose your phone or is stolen, it will transmit telephone numbers of SIM cards inserted in it to a phone number chosen by you).

- Quality pictures and shooting (especially natural light)

Cons: - The exterior design, the lack of surface "chrome", "nickel" on the edges.

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