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Samsung S3350 Users Opinions !

Samsung S3350 VS NOKIA C3

User One

I bought a Samsung S3350 instead of a C3, the reasons were:


1. Samsung S3350 SAR is 0.7, and 1.09 Nokia (last time people were fooled Nokia sick and no longer pay attention to this detail, did not believe that Nokia phones go on another brand

2. Optical trackpad Samsung S3350 is more than click ok aitul aire from C3.

3. listen to the radio and sometimes it's pretty important for me to record some shows, the Samsung S3350 has FM recording, C3 ... break.

4. I love black furniture ... Samsung has Black, Slate Grey Nokia, Golden White, Hot Pink

5. Samsung S3350 price ... to EMAG's new £ 100 cheaper than Nokia C3

Low segment of furniture such as "BlackBerry," S3350 Samsung won the "fight" with Nokia c3

User Two

A good phone ft compared with the price, wifi works well ....... ft worth every banut.Daca had to choose between a C3 and Samsung Nock also my last option would remain ...

Pros: A good phone compared to the price ft, ft wifi goes well

Cons: in my view not found or an effect

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