I have formatted the PC and now i need drivers for sound video network Guide

Hi. You are here because you have problems with your Personal Computer PC , Laptop , Notebook , Netbook , tablets with windows or also phones with windows ! So if the problem is listen above then here is your answer !

But if you have other problem, please post it and maybe someone will help you for free !

I have formatted the computer and i dont have the sound, video and network drivers please help me !


No sound / audio to my PC after windows re - installed !

No internet connection after format and operating system installed

No wireless connection after format 

My webcam not working anymore after format ?

I have no sound after windows is reinstalled

Where to find drivers ? 

one of those is your problem ? what you need to do is to download and install this free software and open it , the look for you device that needs driver , then you can search on internet !

But if you need help with how to use this software , we have also a guide here !

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