Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 - Touch screen not working guide

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5


Hello dear Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 owner. Today i decided to help owners with touch screen problems.

Now, your problems with smartphone Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 is ?

I can`t use smarphone touch screen at all.

How to try fix this issue ? 

First option is to squeeze your touch screen with both hands for like 30 seconds !

Not working ?

Keep power button pressed 20 seconds, then press power button again once

Not working ?

Turn your Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 OFF and Remove / unmount your sd card, then power on

Not working ?

Download Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 phone manager from here , backup your data, then run all updates available and if is not wrking, restore your data back !

Not working ?

Go to a smartphone service - Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5 Touch Screen is not working anymore - Guide

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 5

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