9 July 2012 a day without Internet How to fix this virus

Bitdefender, antivirus local market leader, today announced free DNS changer tool detector that virtually eliminates Changer viruşiDNS family, effects that could leave hundreds of thousands of computers around the world without the internet on July 9.

DNS Changer Trojan directs computers infected by fake websites, which were specially created by cyber criminals for the purpose of fraud, by changing the DNS settings of the computers on which to install. (DNS - Domain Name System - is a distribution system of names for computers on a network)


In November last year, the initiators of the attack were arrested by the FBI, and control servers has been taken by the authorities. Since changes in the DNS system has a huge impact on computers connected to Internet, the FBI replaced the servers with some dangerous înrerupe not automatically valid for internet links to hundreds of thousands of infected computers.

It will end on July 9 but the authorities will bring the servers substitute circuit, and this will be almost impossible to access the regular Internet users whose DNS settings were affected by the virus.

Free DNS Changer Tool Detector, developed by Bitdefender, evaluate DNS settings and warns the user if settings are found false.

To check if a computer was infected with the virus and restore the system to download and run the computer DNS Changer detector. If the tool reports that the computer is clean, there is no reason for concern, if you show signs of intrusion, follow the next steps to repair your system.

A. First remove the virus from your computer. DNS settings were most likely changed by an active infection on your computer. Run QuickScan telling you in 60 seconds whether or not the system and manually delete virus infected DNS Charger. And you can download the tool from here is free to download !

B. Run DNS Changer Tool Detector and let it change DNS settings. Depending on the type of connection, this tool will try to restore the recommended DNS settings will tell you if the problem was solved or not.

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