Increased security at Facebook

Increased security at Facebook


Facebook announced a few days ago two new security features that will give users increased confidence. These are called Trusted Friends and Passwords App. With the announcement of these security methods have been built and a computer graphics. Unfortunately it appears that the 600,000 daily accounts are compromised.

1 billion daily logins are on Facebook. If we think that the 600,000 accounts per day are less compromised. Otherwise, and like this and is extremely more. What is compromise? Largely lost access to account for various reasons. It's the wrong password entered n times, it's broken or forgotten password accounts.

To try to help the client's Trusted Friends Facebook experience. It's an option that you can choose between 3 and 5 friends who give them the "key" your Facebook account. If for whatever reason will not be able to access your account, and any e-mail, you will call them and you'll recover your password. A good idea.

Passwords another's App. This allows you to set different passwords for authentication to various applications online Facebook. You will want to do this if the application is more dubious or not of interest.


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