How to uninstall Vga Video Driver in Right Way (Proper)

Guide : Remove and Update Video Vga Driver Proper

How to uninstall Vga Video Driver in Right Way (Proper)

This guide will answer to these questions :

How to install and uninstall new video drivers ?

Guide to proper install a new video driver updated ?

Update you video driver tips and tricks

Advice how to proper install a new graphics driver !

Graphics display adapter install new version step by step Guide

Free guide with how to install, uninstall graphics driver in correct mode

Ok. So you want to re-install , uninstall, install new updated driver ? First, you need to download driver, for ati amd or nvidia here , and after you have desired driver saved on your computer, then download this software .

Ok now you have desired driver and Driver Sweep software right ? 

Installl Driver Sweeper First (download first driver sweeper)

1. Uninstall your current driver and press restart

See ex:

2. Restart your computer when uninstall is complete and be ready to press F8 after Motherboard LOGO or INFO disapear, and instant press F8 and select SAFE MODE

3. Now computer is in SAFE MODE right ? (if not try again with F8 method or press restart button), in safe mode, open Driver Sweeper and select what you want to clean, in my case i need to clean nvidia driver , if you have other card like ATI AMD then you need to choose AMD - Display or For Sound , other Drivers

4. Now press analyze

See example :

5. Press Clean

See Example :

6. Wait about 30 seconds ....and press Ok

See Example :

Last action ! Ok and your PC Computer or Notebook / Laptop will restart. When your computers will start up again , install your desired driver to a clean operating system, without traces or errors.

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