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I do not think they have done well with these fixed sites DLC when the game launches. Plus it has some high requirements with PhysX, not all graphics to enjoy the game, let's put and DLC from the start. Sure do not require anybody else to get DLC. I think it was better that instead of announcing DLC's as if the game is released for six months, more than consoled us a future to work on patches for optimization, knowing that he is demanding and open-world game that is or be in some places optimized pack, and bugs.

Other Opinion

it is, but who do you think has the mood after the game ends and the main story to playing a few extra missions? these missions must be played before the final battle, or immersion scade.cum story as eg, to finish the story main cutscene, etc. and then you can do those missions in addition, everything seems ok would not have happened nothing .app the mafia, the first successful game without the DLC sites that fashion.

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